Wednesday, September 9, 2009

singgah sahur

went to ecah's place last week. hahaha..x plan pn but dh kbtulan ena nk pg rumah kakak dia n it just a few minutes from ecah's house. ecah is one of my best crime partner and since she's not in uitm now (ecah dh b'kerjaya skng ni..keh3), i miss her so much (i'm a good girl now). actually the plan was, went to ecah's place, borak2, gelak2, makan2, tido, n after sahur kitorng blk. but, as usual ecah b'jy pjuk ktorg utk ddk lm ckit kt umah dia (smpai tgh hr je pn). we went to black hammer (lm sgt dh ecah ctr psl tmpt ni), n i bought 2 dresses but in very low price (hah, i love that place) n we went to jusco afterward, tgk2 brg n blk rumah. kat rmh, mak ecah dh siap kn brg2 utk ktorg nk bwk blk. kemain byk mak dia siap kn brg. mmg lngkp ada rendang, ayam kurma, puding caramel, tembikai, n kurma sumbngn penduduk kuarters upm (hak3..) n yg plg m'harukan, abah ecah siap tebng pokok psang blkg rumah n bg ktorg pisang 2 utk goreng2.. dh rs mcm blk kg plk. mcm mn pn, thank you for welcoming us..

ecah, me, n ena at jusco

Thursday, September 3, 2009


if your house is on fire. what are the items that will you save and why??
( been thinking of this for quite sometime)

1. of course my comics
i've been reading this comic since i was 12 n it is my most precious collection . x kn nk tnggl je kn. syg gl. so, this gonna be my first item that i grab if my house is on fire.

2. my teddy bear
teddy bear ni org hadiah kn. bsar and huggable. it will keep me calm smntra nk tnggu bntuan smpai..hehehe

3. my dvds collection (4 cases)
actually, they are belong to my sis but dia dh waris kn sume dvd 2 kat aku. dlm 2 ada sume
ctr jpun yg aku syg so if they get burn, it will be a total disaster.

hopefully i can get out of the house with all this items i love the most.. if your house is on fire, what will you save first??