Sunday, November 29, 2009


i 'm so boring right now. dah x de mnde nk buat aku pn cr la info psl bnda yg plg aku sk (johnny's entertainment boys- talent agency yg produce cute n good looking japanese boy in their entertaiment bussiness..he3). so,this is some trivia about bestfriends yg wujud dlm JE (i can't list all because it will be a very long post and i don't want that..).

yamapi and toma ikuta

  • they have been together for eleven years
  • Toma is known to be a big eater, just like his best friend Yamapi
  • Yamapi used to call him "Kawai Mama" because he was like a mother to him ()
  • His ideal date is to arrive at night at the hill top with his girlfriend to watch the city view from there. He and Yamapi attempted this once together, only to find that they were the only non-couple there. They proceeded to shine flashlights at the other cars with the couples in them but they both concluded that it wasn't much fun with a friend
  • Yamapi always mention that toma weakness is him. toma will ever get mad at him no matter what he did and toma always agree to that.
  • this is something i found from a megazine
  • Yamapi: I’ve decided. I’m going to live by myself.
  • Toma: (Laugh) I’ve already heard you say that 3 times.
  • they said they watched UFO together once during high school
  • 'We often played together on our way home. Although he was in a lower grade, Yamashita was good friends with my friends.' said toma
  • Yamashita: When I’m next to Toma, I’m safe
  • this is an article from a magazine
  • Yamapi: From today onwards too. Our relationship will not change. Only our surroundings will change.
  • Toma: Although I think to not change is very hard. Compared to before, the surroundings have really changed a lot. Ultimately, change might be seen more often than not. But, Yamashita’s not like that. I believe it!
  • To Yamapi (from toma): Although it’s a little…to say it now (Laugh)I REALLY like the Yamashita’s that’s filming a drama.So I want us to act together once as people who haven’t known each other for a long time. What do you think?
  • To Toma (from yamapi):
    When we’re thirty or forty, let’s be neighbors!I really want my friends to convene and live nearby.I want the distance to be so close we can borrow soysauce and stuff.
    But if it’s around forty, we’ll probably already be married, huh?
kamenashi and akanishi
  • He says that Yamashita Tomohisa (YamaP) is his best friend, but Kame is the person he cares most about in the world.
  • In one part of the Hiroshima concert, while singing DUES Kame's microphone stopped working and after they stepped back together and talked, Jin covered up for him singing louder in the chorus part because the mic. could not be replaced.
  • kame and jin bought dogs together
  • In one ancient clip (XD), Jin said he went on a date. And Kame was like "with who?" So Jin went "With you, idiot." XD
  • during the LA period, when they went shopping, Jin pulled Kame out from among the fans and dumped Maru in.
  • When they were in LA, Kame and Jin's rooms were connected. After they had checked out, the room service realized that the bed in one of the rooms was so neat as if it hadn't been used.
  • The members were asked what they wanted to do in 2008 and Jin was like "I want to go to LA again".Kame answered in a really worried/surprised voice "What so you can make us all lonely again?"
  • AKAME went shopping in LA & since it was overseas they were not that vigilance.
  • They addressed each other as "Kame" & "Jin"& were looking at clothes and accessories.
  • Kame said it was really cold, so Jin took his muffler scarf & wrapped it around Kame
  • kame and jin have so many same accessories
tapi dengar citer diorg i dh x baik sgt dh. btol ke x, x tau la plk. tp kn nk gadoh2. tak baik woo. friendship forever la..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

raya activities

raya aji ni memang x semeriah raya puasa. kami da pki lawa2 tp x tau nk g mn. last2, ni la bnda yg ktorg buat

1) pegi pizza hut utk mkn pizza br tp x de..sob3
2) pegi istana n ambik gbr kt c2. 1st time pg w'pun dh 21 taun ddk cni
3) ambik gbr kt tmn kenangan sblh istana
4) going home

Thursday, November 26, 2009

salam aidil adha

i would like to wish selamat hari raya aidiladha to my family especially to my beloved sister who still in indonesia (she'll be home soon). miss u sis. kemas rumah sorang2 is so tiresome. hope u're here to share all this torcher. lastly, to all my frends, selamat hari raya aidiladha.

Monday, November 23, 2009

food from me

i really cook today. its not that easy because i try so hard to make it taste like mom's. bila mak balik aku srh mak rs n tmbh la mn yg ptt tp dia kt x de bnda nk ubah. it is perfect, ha3.. first time msk tnpa pki perncah peket. smpai kn housemate aku pnh kata, ' igt milin nk msk klu x de perencah dia 2?'..funny yet so true. n btw, my carrot cake is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good w'pun x ckp ingredient n aku blsh je ngn bnda lain.

things that i hentam;
in menu;

corn oil/butter ( 1 1/2 cup)
baking soda@bs

but i put;

minyak masak+ tepung jagung ckit (1 1/2 cup)
bs trus x isi

nsb baik cake 2 jd gak

Sunday, November 22, 2009

woman wanna be

he3..i'm trying to be a better me by learning how to cook simple dish. aku mmg lgsg x pndai msk but tomorrow i'll cook sambal tumis udang for lunch. untuk memastikan kelazatannya, sblm mkn, mak akn rs dl n alter apa yg ptt. mtk2 la x byk sgtyg blh diubah.. btw, i plan to make carrot cake for hari raya but i'll try make a mini one tomorrow

Saturday, November 21, 2009

is this real??

menakutkan.. hal makan minum ni bukan blh nk buat main..

suratan atau kebetulan

have u ever feel mad to someone and suddenly something unfortunate happen to them? well, this is the list of what happen to the person i mad

  1. i was sitting at the front seat of my friend's car but the owner of the car asked me rudely to seat at the back. after that, she was fined for parking 'sesuka hati' and she had to pay rm30.
  2. i had this small misunderstanding with one of my friend and we were not talking to each other for the whole day. that night i found out that her handphone was fell into the toilet bowl.
  3. one of my friend did something that i don't like, a few seconds later (very soon) she hit the table and her feet was badly injured.
  4. one of my friend tried to lie to me and she lost half of her money she was withdrew witout knowing where the money lost
  5. a girl showed her new bag with pride while i don't even have money that time and she only be able to use that bag for once because i broke the day she wore that bag
maybe i'm just being lucky..

Monday, November 16, 2009


akibat bosan duduk di rumah, aku buat kj giler ckit. aku nk try buat teppanyaki in my own way..hehehe. tp kat rumah ni x de electric frying pan.. ah, blsh je la. jnji bnda 2 blh msk...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

gold digger


or dlm bhs mlyu ny pisau cukur. movie yg very sweet n fresh. cerita psl org yg nk kawen ngn jutawan. scene yg plg aku sk?? well of course;

sbb dlm citer ni aaron aziz ni kerek ngn fazura, so x sngka dia akn buat mcm ni bl fazura mcm ngada2 ngn dia. kn best klu aku gnti tmpt fazura hehehe.. (seminggu x mndi sbb nk bg bau aaron aziz x hlg)


what did i do after my final exam??

1) first of all, went back home n tdo until petang. heaven..

2) second, go to sunway to do ice skating

3) third, cancel our ice skating moment but we go for movie and shopping instead (i got a new dress)

4) make a plan about going back to pahang and i realize that i don't have a ticket yet.. nsb baik ddk rmah sw. klu x, klm kabut la kn kuar kolej